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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> a worker fighting for his life after he's shot inside a restaurant. it led up to the senseless shooting, and update as police search for the suspect. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in a democratic debate just days before the michigan primary. the accusations that caused that testy exchange. and, remembering first lady nancy reagan, who passed away yesterday after a battle with heart failure. what we know so far about her final arrangements. today is monday, march 7th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. let's get your day started with a check on weather and
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traffic. meisha, still looking quiet out there. >> just dealing with morning construction, we can expect that at had 30:00 a.m. by the way good to see both of you, justin, rahel. >> hey, this is awesome, i hear we have a nice forecast? >> bringing you warm forecast, awesome temperatures all week long, good taste of spring coming our way potentially setting new records. still little cold in the mornings, at least things are nice and quiet this morning, live look, outside there on the roof camera, looking at 34 degrees leer in the city light breeze out of the south, still heavier coat needed this morning, but you can shed that this afternoon, across the region, lehigh valley, 25, in allentown, 30 in trenton, 30's also showing up in interior south jersey similar conditions to the north and west suburbs, below freezing in pottstown and willow grove. storm scan3, stays quiet today. we will have little cloud cover around this morning, that should break up for the
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afternoon skies go mostly sunny, no threat of rain today, enjoy the sunshine, temperatures are on the rise if you like today you will love the next several days because it get warmer each day through the week. here you go, 9:00 temperatures hovering around 40 degrees by lunchtime already low 50's, in the sunshine, and then, mid afternoon, we are getting close to 60 degrees. fifty-nine for the high in philadelphia, 10 degrees above average at the shore, into the upper 50's, in the poconos, right around 50 degrees. then potentially setting records for the middle of the week, i'll let you know how warm we get, how to break the records in a few minute. checking the roads, meisha, what's the latest? >> for early march you can't beat that. great news. monday morning we know it will typically build and will probably build fairly early. ninety-five at cottman. looking good. you can see a lot of headlights starting to pop on the highways.
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cube skewing eastbound direction before spring garden, still looking nice and quiet. for now. that will change, the vine moving in the westbound direction looking very quiet. eastbound starting to build little more fast, pretty typical what we see. we do have construction delaware 95 northbound between route 896 delaware service area, left lane blocked as you can see until 5:00 a.m. also, another area, 495 northbound between 95 and 12th street. that left lane is going to be blocked until around 6:00 a.m. of course i'll let you know when all of these lift. construction, ramp to 295, also in delaware, talking about this, that ramp closed make note that far as we progress through the morning, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. front porch of grays ferry home suffers significant damage after a car crashed into it overnight. it happened on the 1300 block of south 28th street. l and i is now checking to make sure the home is security, officials say there were no injuries. >> church's employee shot
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multiple times in north philadelphia. this morning, the 19 year old man is in the hospital while police search for the gunman. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside police headquarters with more on what the employee was doing before the gunman opened fire. justin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, police say this work is her just 19 years old, he was shot in front of his own brother, as he cleaned tables at the church's chicken there is morning, he is recovering and witnesses say he was just doing his job. let's take you to the video from last night. this all took place at the church's chicken on north broad near western -- erie avenue, closed for crime scene investigation. markers stood by shell casings scattered on the floor, also, a bottle of cleaning solution. now, witnesses say that 19 year old church's worker was wiping down tables just before 5:30 sunday evening when a male customer nearby asked that worker to stop, that's when the witness said the worker began cleaning other
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tables, before that customer began yelling at the teen worker. that is when a second church's employee who happens to be the victim's brother steps in to diffuse an argument, soon after that customer pulled out a gun and fired. he shot that worker, he had been arguing with, three times in the chest, stomach, and lower back. we also spoke with a man who says he helped care for that worker, that wounded worker as he was bleeding on the ground. take a listen. >> he was talking to me, saying god, why me, why me, why me. and then he was sweating. i was wiping the sweat off his head the whole time. with him the whole time until the ambulance came. >> and that worker was taken to temple hospital at last check he was in critical condition. as for the shooter, he has not been found yet. we are told he's five-seven, black male, last seen wearing black trench coats wearing black glasses, gray beard, possibly in his 50's, again
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police are looking for this man at this hour. rahel, over to you. >> justin, thank if you. and just about a mile away. police are investigating the brutal beating death after woman. the victim was found inside a home on the 2500 block of north 17th street. investigators say the 32 year old woman was struck with a blunt object, possibly a hammer, no details on suspect at this time. >> nancy reagan will be burried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. funeral arrangements are underway for the former first lady. mrs. reagan died sunday of congestive heart failure. she was 94. she was nancy davis already an actress when her future husband entered the scene. she stood by reagan until after the california governor took precedence, former secretary every state george shultz part of the reagan administration for p years. he considers nancy reagan a deer friends. >> a loving wife and a really effective person who i thought
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the world of has left us. it was a deep respect story as he was interested in what she thought. >> in the 1990's police reagan was in philadelphia with other first ladies and former president's for the summit for america n2000 she joined george and barbara bush and gerald and betty ford at the republican national convention, america mourns with her when former president reagan died in 2004. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the passing and the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan, go to for more on her life. >> moment of silence for nancy reagan began last night's democratic presidential debate. as weijia jiang report, the face-off took place in flint michigan where both the water crisis and the auto industry were major topics of conversation. >> vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in flint michigan to address the city's water crisis. >> what is going on is a
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disgrace beyond belief. >> the tap water became toxic with lead after officials switched the water supply to cut costs. investigators revealed state leaders new about the problem, but failed to do anything about it. both candidates called for michigan's governor to resign. >> people should be held accountable where ever that leads. >> the debate came just two days before voters head to the polls for michigan's democratic primary. >> the candidates sparred over an issue important to the people here. the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> -- excuse me, i am talking. >> clinton holds major delegate advantage san leading in the michigan polls. but sanders hopes this weekend caucus wins in maine, kansas,
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will change voter's minds, weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and score one for republican presidential candidate, marco rubio. he has won the puerto rico primary, victory he absolutely needed, trailing donald trump and senator ted cruz. experts say rubio must also win his home state of florida, to still have a chance at the nomination. voters go to the polls in the sunshine state next tuesday. well, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is expected to give some state workers a pay raise today. government source says wolf will sign executive order to raise the minimum wage for state workers and employees of contractors to 10:15 an hour. current rate is 7:25 an hour. governor's also expected to call on lawmakers to increase the minimum wage state-wide. but not everyone is on board with the idea. >> we've heard from our members, the last time the minimum wage was increased. they had to sometimes reduce
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hours. they may have had a plan to expand to a newspaper location that they had to scrap because they wouldn't afford the labor cost. >> the increase would make pennsylvania the state with the highest minimum wage in the country. >> a new jersey father accused of killing his young son will return to court today for a hearing. dj was arrested in january and has pleaded not guilty to killing his three year old son, brendan. the young boy's body was found last october partially submerged in water at cooper river park. prosecutors say the 22 year old killed his son to a peas a teenage girl he was dating. >> tensions are rising in the korean peninsula, the event happening today, that has got north korea making nuclear threats. >> also ahead, crossword controversy. accusations of plagiarism between two of the nation's biggest newspapers. how it was discovered, and what the editors are saying. where should you start when you're
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>> joint military drills between the us and south korea get underway today. state media broadcasts the threat, the nation promises an indiscriminate nuclear strike responds wag it calls aggression from its men enemies. it would showcase the country's military might. >> happening today, peyton manning is going out on top. the superbowl champion will meet the media in denver later this morning, to call it a career. manning won the superbowl with the denver broncos this past season, five time mvp is the only quarterback to lead two different teams to superbowl wins. manning almost 40 years old will pass up $19 million to retire after 18 years in nfl. what a career it has been for him. >> and we new that was pretty much going to happen. >> yes, and there were rumors last year. >> sure, sure. one more shot, look what happens. >> good day for the forecast. >> great day for forecast,
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deceiving, need the heavy coat. by the afternoon you will take that coat off, enjoy plenty of sunshine, temperatures close to 06 degrees, and then just off to the races over the next several days. maybe setting new records by the middle part of the week. so this morning, outside again, little bit of cloud cover. maybe few areas of patchy fog that develops. this is a sign of the warm air starting to move on n overall visibility still in good shape. we're dry, so no problems there out on the roads as far as the weather goes, looking live at center city. but into the afternoon see more sunshine, cold though interior south jersey, check it out, millville comes in at 23 degrees this hour, 33 the capitol city of delaware, then closer to philadelphia, similar numbers, mid 30's right now at the airport, and in mullica hill we head to up shale sean, 30 degrees, lehigh valley, quakertown, colder air just singing down into the valley there, mid 20's, storm scan3, quiet, just some clouds rolling on through this morning, clear skies to the west, the trends into the afternoon, enjoy the bright sunshine for your monday, high pressure dominating our
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weather for the next several days. little weak cold front stays to our north so we will be dealing with the mild air mass, tomorrow, few more clouds early in the day, just sign of even warmer air, in the middle of the atmosphere it, gets down to the surface for tuesday afternoon and wednesday. wednesday, thursday, probably the warmest day of the week, storm system takes its time to get here. in the form of some showers, late in the week. today, though, look at that, well to the 50's, then get further away from the water inland areas, berks county lehigh valley good shot 06 degrees as well, then tomorrow look at that, close to that 70 degrees mark, this time of year, we should be right around 50 degrees. wednesday, though, that's the day we could set the record, 74 the forecast hi, record is 73. setback in the year 2,000. enjoy today after few morning clouds, plenty of sunshine, mile day, 59. tonight, not as cold, 46, the low temperature, annex tended forecast, look at that, each day warming up mid 70s, wednesday, could be shower late in the day thursday, but even by next weekends we say cooler weather still 50's
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saturday with some showers, rahel, back to you. >> not bad. thanks, justin. eleven letter word popping up in the crossword world. and it is controversy. the editor of the usa today puzzle may have lifted parts of his puzzle from other papers. a data base of 53,000 published puzzles shows at least 60 edited by timothy parker seem to borough from the new york times. parker told the website called 538, whole thing just coincidence, but new york crossword editor doesn't like it. >> to borough or take someone else's creativity and coming up with a original theme really is not right. >> parker also edits the syndicated universal crossword with client including cbs news, the new york times tweeted is that a crossword plagiarism? you fill in the blanks. ouch. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, battle between starbucks and dunkin' donuts but first a look at
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what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> investigators say, a customer argued with a employee cleaning the dining room. the employee's brother, who also works there, was shot while trying to break up the fight. he's in critical but stable condition. the tone is changing between democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders. at sunday night's debate in flint, michigan, two tangled aggressively on issues like trade, wall street influence. >> and, nancy reagan will be burried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in seem i valley, california. former first lady died at her home in los angeles sunday,
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she was 94. right now it is 4:49. time to check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning, the new york stock exchange, jill, what's behind the recent stock market surge? >> reporter: stocks continue to bound back after rough start to 2016. the dow actually opened above 17,000 today. invest remembers wait to go see how the fed react to the latest jobs numbers. the labor department says the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9% in february, which is its lowest level in eight years. the economy added jobs at a really healthy ratement one down side in the jobs report which was released, wages actually fell, but overall very good report, rahel? >> jill, starbucks customers have been steaming over changes to the company's rewards program. now dunkin' donuts seems to be cashing in. what's that? >> dunkin is going after starbucks customers unhappy about the changes to starbucks loyalty program. dunkin's ceo said they'll be giving out 5-dollar gift cards tone courage them to give
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dunkin coffee a try. rahel, where do you fall? starbucks or dunkin gal? >> honestly i'm all about convenience, so if there is a starbucks closer, but if there is a dunkin' donuts, that's okay. >> you, jill? >> okay, i'm a dunkin fan. >> okay. >> i don't -- starbucks, i'll dot specialty drinks, but for pure coffee i'm all about dunkin' donut. >> i understand, and they're a lot more affordable. >> thank, jill, good seeing you. >> all right, well, gas prices are going up. 7 cents over the last two weeks, national average is 1.84 per gallon, pennsylvania residents can expect to pay even more. it is $1.91 a gallon in the philadelphia area. and new jersey, much cheaper, at 1.52 a gallon. delaware is also below the national average at 1.70 per gallon. now, experts blame the increase on higher crude oil prices, but point out prices cents are still 70 sent cheaper than last year.
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and gas prices aren't the only thing going up. the temperatures will be, too. justin tells us which day this week is the warm what's we come back.
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>> waking up to cold temperatures, deceiving today, talking about spring like temperatures this afternoon each day warms up little bit. but there you go. below freeze nag lot of the suburbs, lehigh valley checks in, 27 degrees, 23 millville, wilmington only down to 29 this hour. storm scan3, nice and quiet, few clouds roll in, through this morning but break up, afternoon skies mostly sunny. check it out. 59 degrees for the high, above average this time of year. tonight, low of 46, and here is the extended forecast, each day it warms up, getting close to 70 tomorrow in the sunshine, mid 70s, on wednesday, and that could set some new records on thursday, also, the mid 70s, maybe shower, and it stays mild, even through next weekend,
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temperatures, the coolest temperatures up ear's saturday, don't forget, saturday night, we turn the clocks ahead one hour, so meisha, sunday night, the sunsets after 7:00. that's a sure sign of spring. >> good thing you reminded me, justin. no way i would have done it otherwise. by the way, pretty cool to hear the birds chirming this morning, got to say that too. justin, thank you for that. 70s in the forecast, awesome. ninety-five south, commodore barry bridge looking good, nice and quiet, just as it should. it will not stay that way. we know as we push into the 5:00 hour soon it is going to change, blue route taillights, before the schuylkill, looking good. everything looking real nice, real quiet, including the ben franklin bridge for those every from jersey moving westbound. construction in delaware. 495 northbound between 95 and 12th street, left lane block until 6:00 a.m. now, this one scheduled to lift very quickly here in delaware, 95 north between route 896 in delaware service area, that left lane is block until 5:00 a.m. so that should be lifting any time. i will certainly let you know when it does. also, route 13 northbound ramp
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to 295 southbound that ramp is closed and also, for those of how love flowers, myself included although i have no green thumb, whatsoever, the flower show at the pa convention center running last weekends monday through friday, actually, goes all the way through sunday, but during the week it is 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. rahel, back to you. >> major attraction, thanks, meisha a if you are headed out the door catch justin's updated forecast on our sister station "kyw news radio 1060". also, a reprieve for local school. why it will not be shutting down after all. >> and lawmakers struggle to define what exactly is a drone? and celebration of all things prehistoric at the academy of natural sciences, check in two, three, four times a day, kyw1060 on your a.m. dial. >> and, coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live in california with the tribute pouring in for former first lady nancy reagan. >> plus get ready for longer
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>> police now combing for clues in a fast-food restaurant after a worker is shot on the job now he's fighting for his life. senseless argument with a customer that led to the shocking violence. plus, remembering nancy reagan, learning new information about the plans to honor the former first lady. and, get ready to open the windows this week. it is going to feel like may pretty soon. justin's tracking the nice winter warm up including when we lou see the first 07 degrees day of the year. won't that be nice? >> well, today is monday, march 7th. i'm rahel solomon. you will still need a jacket this morning, justin out on the skydeck, meisha out watching the roads this
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morning, good morning, guys, still looking good out there? >> yes, things looking very good right now. >> and just in, wow, the bearer of great news this week, and i heard the birds chirping this morning. >> you can hear them out here. even though it is a little chilly this morning, but by the afternoon, you will be shed that heavier coat. always tough to wake up on monday morning, but i think it may help you out a little bit. across the region, still cold, 20's, 30's, checking out 34 at the airport, light wind out of the west, 6 miles per hour, look at mount pocono, little breezier up in the mountains, temperature at 31 degrees, to the atlantic city airport mid 20's, 28 degrees wildwood. 27 degrees in allentown, 29 wilmington, so we do have cold spot. road conditions still dry. so that's good news. twenty-five little colder at quakertown, storm scan3 quiet, the trends today, some clouds around this morning m


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